Chandanie Watawala, Executive Director


Chandanie Watawala is the Executive Director of the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL). She has been involved in organizing several of ANFREL’s election observation missions as Mission Coordinator, and was the manager in charge of ANFREL’s Myanmar office from June 2015 to August 2016. She has been participating in i nternational election observation missions since 2007 and has observed 15 elections. Prior to her work in ANFREL, she has been with different organizations. She started her NGO activism in Sri Lanka as a National Human Rights Coordinator to Caritas Sri Lanka (SEDEC), a Program Associate for the Southeast Asia Program of Forum Asia, and as a Fund Raising Adviser at the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO). She concurrently serves as a Steering Committee Member of Asian Democracy Network (ADN), an umbrella organization of various regional networks in Asia.


Mr. Pongsak Chanon, Senior Program Officer


Pongsak has been working in civil society for 24 years working on various issues such as women, children, and the youth. He was also a researcher on Human Rights issues He has been working with ANFREL since 2002 and has joined in more than 35 elections observation missions across Asia. Pongsak actively promotes democratic elections principles and has initiated a Democracy & Election watchdog group “We Watch Thailand” which engages the youth movement in Thailand.


Mr. Amaël Vier, Program Officer for Capacity Building and International Election Observation


A graduate from the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble (France), Amaël Vier specialized in the analysis of electoral systems and political parties. During his academic years, he had the opportunity to study elections up-close by working for a French member of Parliament, and then as an intern for a diplomatic mission. Also the holder of a Master's degree in state rebuilding law from the University of Aix-Marseille (France), he first joined ANFREL as an electoral analyst during the observation mission for the 2017 Cambodian commune elections. Today, Amaël is ANFREL's Program Officer for Capacity Building and International Election Observation.


Ms. Sirirak Preedametawong, Finance Officer


Sirirak Preedametawong has been working with ANFREL since 2005. She is working as Financial office who work on the Organization's finances.She has worked on finances Elections in Afghanistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Nepal and Myanmar and will work with the external Accountants and Auditors as required.


Mr. John Reiner Antiquerra, Program Officer for Outreach and Communication


John Reiner Antiquerra is a Filipino who has worked as a multimedia journalist before joining ANFREL. He has worked with various television networks and independent media organizations covering labor rights, gender rights, digital rights, among others. He has also worked on press freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of information advocacies. He has a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of the Philippines.


Mr. Tharindu Abeyrathna, Program Officer in Myanmar


Tharindu Abeyrathna is currently the ANFREL's Resident Program Officer in Myanmar. He worked with the organization since 2015 either as an international observer or volunteer in several of the organization's mission in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Cambodia. In 2018, he coordinated the Asian Electoral Stakeholder Forum IV in Colombo, Sri Lanka, successfully gathering more than 300 representatives from various election monitoring and human rights organizations all over the world. He has experience in fields such as youth empowerment and regional economic integration across South and South East Asia and served the Chairperson of the South Asian Youth Conference 2015 and the Former Director of AESEC in Myanmar. Tharindu is a graduate of the University of Colombo specialized his bachelor’s degree in International Relations.


Mr. Lee Chung Lun, Campaign and Advocacy Officer


Lee Chung Lun is the program officer for campaign and advocacy at ANFREL. Before joining ANFREL, he was the program officer at the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) in Malaysia where he worked on electoral reform advocacy and election monitoring. He also worked for human rights at Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) as the coordinator in Penang. Chung Lun holds a bachelor's degree in applied statistics from Universiti Sains Malaysia.


Ms. Aein Drar Nwe, Administrative & Finance Officer of ANFREL-Myanmar Program


Aein Drar Nwe is the Administrative & Finance Officer of ANFREL-Myanmar Program.She is a Master Degree holder in Public Administration.She has worked in local non government organizations before joining ANFREL.She started working with ANFREL since 2015 Myanmar General Elections as a Administrative Officer and participating in 2017, 2018 of Myanmar and 2019 of Thai International Election Observation Missions.


Ms. Theint Theint Phooe, Project Associate of ANFREL-Myanmar Program


Theint Theint Phooe is ANFREL-Myanmar Program's Project Associate for Capacity Building for Media and Civil Society in Myanmar. She specializes in the inclusion of persons with disability (PWDs) and marginalized people such as women, LGBTIQAs, and ethnic minorities. Since 2012, she has been working for equal rights, inclusion, and independent living of persons with multiple types of disability in Myanmar. She has also been working on political and electoral participation of PWDs since 2015.


Ms. Suneerat Sangthong, Administrative Officer


Ms. Suneerat Sangthong has worked with private corporations prior to joining a women’s rightz organization called Committee for Asian Women (CAW), which she worked with for 8 years as bookkeeper. Her involvement with democracy work started with her stint as the Finance and Administrative officer of Heroes of Democracy Foundation, an organization which supported democracy fighters in Thailand. Currently, she serves as the Asian Network for Free Elections’ Administrative Officer.


Mr. Ruangrit Pothiprom


Ruangrit graduated from Faculty of Politics and Governance, Mahasarakham University in Thailand. He is now in charged of Thai youth program, taking care of research and academic section. Prior to working with ANFREL, he used to work as a researcher for the Thailand Research Fund in Yasothon province.


Mr. Chutcharin Chaidee


Chutcharin received his Master’s Degree in Research for Local Development, Mahasarakham University. He had a long experience in working with research organisations and organising community learning program in Northeastern Region of Thailand. He is now in charged of networking activities for Thai youth program.



Ms. Kunnika Wongseesa


Kunnika is specialised in social research and is about to obtain her Master’s Degree from Thammasat University, Bangkok. Her interests in politics and social movement has brought her to work with ANFREL with Thai youth program. She is taking care of programatic admin and finance.


Ms. Chompunut Chalieobun


Chompunut has been volunteering with ANFREL since 2007 and participated as LTO and STO in more than 10 election observation missions with ANFREL. She is now working as a part of Thai youth program to foster youth participation in elections and politics.



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