ANFREL is a membership-based organization. Article V Sections 2 and 3 of ANFREL's Constitution outline the membership eligibility and procedure for membership application. Below are details:

Article V: Membership

Section 2: Membership Eligibility
Any organization (the “Applicant Organization”) that fulfils the following criteria is eligible to apply for membership subject to the approval of the ANFREL Executive Council. The essential criteria include:
a. The Applicant Organization must be a legally registered entity under the laws of the country of origin, unless it has a justification otherwise;
b. The Applicant Organization has a mandate that aligns with the objectives of ANFREL;
c. The Applicant Organization is politically non-partisan and provides an undertaking to that effect;
d. The Applicant Organization should preferably have 3 years of demonstrated working experience in areas that are relevant to ANFREL objectives;
e. The Applicant Organization conducts annual external audits;
f. The Applicant Organization is willing to undergo due diligence by ANFREL; and
g. The Applicant Organization is willing to pay an annual fee as determined by the General Assembly every three years.

Section 3: Procedure for Membership Application
a. An Applicant Organization must apply for membership by submitting to ANFREL an application form which shall be available on ANFREL’s website. An application for membership through any other means will not be accepted.
b. The ANFREL Secretariat will process all applications by checking if an applicant meets the essential membership criteria stated above, and present all eligible applications to the Secretary General, who will take these up with the Executive Council at their next meeting or through circulation by email after satisfying oneself that the ANFREL Secretariat has conducted essential scrutiny.
c. The Executive Council may grant memberships subject to its satisfaction and further scrutiny as may be required which may also include assessments by existing member organizations in that country. All membership decisions by the Executive Council shall be made through consensus.

Interested organizations can download and fill out the application form and send it with supporting documents to


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