Capacity Building

Our capacity building division is tasked with:

* Developing training manuals and training curriculum for domestic election observers, civil society groups and media on election observation, parliamentary watch and conflict resolution

* Working with organizations inside Afghanistan, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh on electoral reforms, voter awareness and capacity building projects

* Broadening the knowledge of member organizations by arranging study tours

* Building the capacity of members and CSOs by holding mutually identified needs-based workshops



Election Observation Training for Civil Society organisations and Election Monitoring
Groups in Malaysia





Burma Parliamentary Monitoring Workshops and One-Day Conference in New Delhi
A three-day workshop on Parliament monitoring using very useful tools like Right To Information (RTI), which has become an Act now and other monitoring mechanisms was held in New Delhi between Dec 3 to Dec 4 and on Dec 6, 2012 for Civil Society workers, legal professionals and writers from Burma. The workshop was essential for the Burmese group in that it focused on the fundamental elements of how democracy functions through a parliamentary system of governance.






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