Transparency Maldives’ statement on the opening and closing of polls during 2023 Presidential Election

Transparency Maldives said in their initial observation statements that the 2023 Maldivian Presidential Election was generally peaceful and orderly.

The opening procedure at polling stations went well with all polling stations open by 9 a.m. and 85% of polling stations open within the first 10 minutes of the required opening time. The required materials were present, ballot papers counted and reconciled, and all ballot boxes were verified as empty at the state of the voting process. Observers concluded that polling stations were set up to ensure secret vote in vast majority of cases (97%).

During the closing of polls, observers noted a few cases of voters not being able to vote as their names were not on the voter registry. There were no reports or complaints regarding double voting, underage voting or issues with votes cast in the names of deceased individuals were reported in any of the boxes observed.

Transparency Maldives said the election was relatively peaceful with a few isolated cases of reported violence.

Transparency Maldives deployed over 400 observers and volunteers across the country to observer the election. The observers collected both qualitative and quantitative data from 311 polling stations representing 56.86% of all ballot boxes employing a systematic random sampling. The methodology used allowed them to generate results from the sample to the entire population within a margin of error of +/- 1%.

Press statement on the opening of polls for the 2023 Presidential Election:


Final press statement on the 2023 Presidential Election:



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