Transparency Maldives launches Short Movie Challenge for Youth Content Creators

Transparency Maldives invited young content creators and advocates in the country to join the Short Movie Challenge. Registration deadline is on 20 June 2024.

The films produced should be around the themes of gender equality, youth empowerment and civil engagement, mental health awareness and support, and human rights and anti-corruption.

Participants must be aged between 18-23 years old who are passionate about advocacy and filmmaking. An information session will be held on 27 June 2024. The deadline for the final submission of entries is on 20 August 2024.

The submissions will be evaluated and judges based on creativity (20%), storytelling (10%), technical proficiency (15%), adherence to the theme (35%), and relevance to the target audience (20%). Winners will be determined through the combined scores of the judging panel and audience engagement metrics on social media.

Winners will be announced on 30 September 2024.

Know more about the Short Movie Challenge for Youth Content Creators guidelines here: "Short Movie Challenge 2024"


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