Transparency Maldives says runoff presidential poll peaceful

Maldives headed to a runoff election on 30 September 2023 after no presidential candidate was able to secure enough votes to win. Transparency Maldives (TM) said the election was relatively peaceful with a few isolated cases of reported violence at polling stations.

TM observed a few number of voters weren't able to vote because their names were not on the voter registry, some ballot boxes were closed before the polling close, and voting was temporarily halted in 2.3% of polling stations.

There was an observed high candidate representation across the polling stations. Only 0.3% of ballot papers were disputed by the candidate/party observers with no reports or complaints on double voting, underage voting or issues with votes cast in the name of deceased individuals.

Mohamed Muizzu won the election against incumbent Ibrahim Mohamed Solid.

For this round of the election, TM deployed 490 observers and volunteers in and out of the country. TM called on all parties, candidates and the stakeholders to maintain an environment conducive for a peaceful transition.

Download the poll opening and closing statements of Transparency Maldives here: Opening | Closing




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