Three-Month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh: July-September 2023

Odhikar released its Three-Month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh. The group said the human rights situation in the country remained repressive and retaliatory.

From January to September 2023, Odhikar has recorded 12 cases of extrajudicial killings, 32 cases of enforced disappearances, 70 killed and 6,331 injured due to political violence, 309 cases of attacks on journalists, and 51 cases of arrest under the Digital Security Act, 2018.

On 14 September 2023, the Cyber Tribunal of Dhaka sentenced Odhikar's secretary Adilur Rahman Khan and director ASM Nasiruddin Elan to two years imprisonment with fine under Section 57 of the repressive Information and Communication Technology Act, 2006.

Odhikar has been monitoring human rights abuses in Bangladesh since 1994. They have faced persecution, harassment and smear campaigns by state institutions and pro-government media due to their work. The organization has also been arbitrarily deregistered by the government.

Read Odhikar's quarterly human rights situation report here: "Three-Month Human Rights Monitoring Report on Bangladesh (July-September 2023)"



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