TEFA’s concern in regards to the Currant electoral Process

Kabul: only 36 days are remaining for the parliamentary elections to be held, however, serious concerns are yet to exist on how the coming elections will be held. Transparent Elections Foundation of Afghanistan (TEFA) in close cooperation and coordination with its provincial partner organizations has analyzed the ongoing electoral conditions and offers its recommendations for the betterment of the overall political and technical conditions of elections in the following passages.

Insecurity is still deemed as one of the major and most daunting challenges facing the coming elections, and misfortunately, the recent insurgent attacks and incidents in different parts of Afghanistan have added to peoples’ concerns. Even though Security institutions have assured both IEC and citizens of their security on Election Day and while transporting sensitive and less- sensitive electoral materials to polling centers, still intensification of insecurities in provinces such as Kabul, Nangarhar, and Balkh have created distrusts among citizens regarding their safety on Election Day. In addition to the daunting security concerns, dominating political climate and political parties’ positioning in recent times have garbled the sound electoral atmosphere, at times when political parties lack of consensus due to not having their demands accepted, has further made the situations convulsive. IEC’s operational and technical activities have not been synchronous with the Election Calendar as they were anticipated, keeping IEC far behind the calendar in various matters which has resulted in violation of election law and generating concerns in regards to procrastination of the coming elections.

documents for TEFA’s concern in regards to the Currant electoral Process : 

Link: TEFA press release(ENG) ,TEFA Press Release 13.Sep.2018



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