Transparency Maldives calls on the relevant authorities to expedite the investigation into the death of Mohamed Jameel and end the practice of arbitrary detention

We express grave concern over the recent and sudden death of Mohamed Jameel, who was being held at K. Maafushi Prison under the care of Maldives Correctional Services. Our deepest condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased during this difficult time. This incident necessitates an immediate and thorough

Transparency Maldives launches Short Movie Challenge for Youth Content Creators

Transparency Maldives invited young content creators and advocates in the country to join the Short Movie Challenge. Registration deadline is on 20 June 2024. The films produced should be around the themes of gender equality, youth empowerment and civil engagement, mental health awareness and support, and human rights and anti-corruption. Participants must

PRESS STATEMENT: Closing of Polls of the 2024 Parliamentary Election

Transparency Maldives appreciates and thanks the nearly 270 observers and volunteers in our observer network, deployed across the country and abroad in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 206 polling stations. Without them this domestic observation would not have been possible. Transparency Maldives believes that an independent observation effort at

Press statement on the opening of polls for the 2024 Parliamentary Election

Transparency Maldives is observing today’s Parliamentary Elections with an observer network around the country spanning Malé, the atolls, and prisons, as well as abroad in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We thank the nearly 270 observers and volunteers deployed across 205 ballots boxes across the country and abroad for their

Press release on the Findings of the Pre-election Assessment ahead of the 2024 Parliamentary Elections

14 April 2024: Election observation is one of the most important activities conducted by Transparency Maldives in its efforts to strengthen the electoral system and increase people's confidence in elections. Since the first multi-party presidential election in 2008, Transparency Maldives has observed all national elections. Prior to fielding the nation-wide observation, TM

PRESS STATEMENT: Transparency Maldives condemns the continued Abuse of State Resources during the official campaign period of the 2024 Parliamentary Elections

The routine of promises and pledges ahead of an election has become customary and influences the voters’ right to freely choose a candidate. We continue to observe the abuse of state resources, undermining the democratic competitive nature of elections and skewing the level playing field in favour of the incumbent. Transparency Maldives

Transparency Maldives condemns the instructions by the Local Government Authority to revoke the statement on the Abuse of State Resources issued by the N. Kendhikulhudhoo Council

Transparency Maldives condemns the interference of the Local Government Authority (LGA) by instructing to revoke the statement issued by the N. Kendhikulhudhoo Council. The Council had released a statement on 2 March 2024 condemning the abuse of state resources by the incumbent government during an official event organised by the council. This

Civil society organizations renew calls to end impunity for crimes against journalists in the Maldives

28 NOVEMBER 2023: Maldives Journalists Association (MJA), Transparency Maldives,Association for Democracy in the Maldives (ADM), International Federation of Journalists (IFJ),Human Rights Watch and Reporters Without Borders (RSF) urge the Government of Maldives to expedite investigations and for the relevant authorities to pursue, where evidence permits, prosecutions to end impunity for serious crimes

The Presidential commutation sets a detrimental precedent for the rule of law and undermines efforts to combat corruption and kleptocracy

Transparency Maldives strongly condemns the commutation of the sentences of Ahmed Adeeb and Abdulla Ziyath, with four days until President Solih’s term expires. This is not only an abuse of the clemency and sentence commutation powers of the President, but represents the epitome of the protection, impunity and privilege enjoyed by political

Transparency Maldives calls on Members of Parliament to reject the proposed unconstitutional amendment to Article 262 of the Constitution.

Article 4 of the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives stipulates that the power of the State of the Maldives is derived from and remains with the people. Article 262 (b) of the Constitution further stipulates that amendments proposed to Chapter II of the Constitution (The Maldivian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,

Press Statement: A referendum should be guided by a well-informed electorate, not short-term political expediency!

On 20 September 2023, the People’s Majlis passed a resolution to direct the Elections Commission to hold a public referendum by 30 October 2023, on changing the existing system of government. The resolution was approved by 35 members, following the approval of the resolution by the Committee of the Whole House. Following

Transparency Maldives’ Interim Report on the 2023 Presidential Election

Transparency Maldives, in their interim statement on the 2023 Presidential Election, said the Election day processes went well but expressed some concerns about the election environment especially on abuse of state resources. Election Day The report indicated that the Election Day administration was well managed by the Elections Commission (EC). The opening

Transparency Maldives’ statement on the opening and closing of polls during 2023 Presidential Election

Transparency Maldives said in their initial observation statements that the 2023 Maldivian Presidential Election was generally peaceful and orderly. The opening procedure at polling stations went well with all polling stations open by 9 a.m. and 85% of polling stations open within the first 10 minutes of the required opening time. The

2023 Presidential Election: Pre-Election Assessment

As Maldives is set to hold a presidential election on 9 September 2023, ANFREL member Transparency Maldives released their pre-election assessment to provide recommendations to mitigate challenges for holding free, fair, and credible election. The assessment report seeks to review the electoral legal framework, understand emerging challenges for holding a free and

Press Statement: Transparency Maldives Pre-election interim assessment findings of the 2023 presidential election

Transparency Maldives released their findings of the pre-election interim assessment of the 2023 presidential election. The election is scheduled for 9 September 2023. Transparency Maldives (TM) is a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-profit organization. It has been the main domestic Elections Observer Group since 2008. Prior to fielding its nation-wide observation, TM conducts

Joint Press Statement: Transparency Maldives and Maldives Journalists Association express concern regarding the proposed amendments to the Election (General) Act 11/2008

We are greatly concerned by the government's proposed amendments to the Election (General) Act 11/2008 that will potentially restrict the scope of journalists monitoring elections, just six months ahead of this year's presidential elections. According to the proposed amendment to Section 41 of the Act, only registered journalists will be allowed to

Maldives remains at the same position on the Corruption Perceptions Index 2022 rankings

Press Statement -31 January 2023 The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2022 released today by Transparency International reveals that the Maldives, remains at the same position on the CPI rankings amongst the two-thirds of countries to score below 50. The CPI annually scores and ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived level

Transparency Maldives hosts anti-corruption conference

ANFREL member Transparency Maldives, in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Commission of Maldives, will bring together state-owned enterprises (SOE) and key stakeholders in a national level conference on anti-corruption on 30-31 October 2022. The Maldives Anti-Corruption Conference 2022 will feature various panel discussuons with national and international partners on corruption issues and what

Joint Statement: Amend provision in the Evidence Act that compels journalists to reveal sources

Transparency Maldives, one of the signatories in this joint statement, is a member of the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL). 25 July 2022: The undersigned 10 organizations call on the government of Maldives to repeal or amend the deeply problematic provision in the Evidence Act (Act No. 11/2022) that compels journalists

Press Statement: Transparency Maldives condemns draft bill encroaching on freedom of expression

Transparency Maldives condemns the draft amendment bill to the Penal Code Act (9/2014) proposed by the Government that encroaches on freedom of expression. This bill is yet another step backwards by the Government, undermining democratic consolidation and fundamental human rights in the Maldives. While we are deeply concerned by the increasing intolerance,

Transparency Maldives observes the Local Council and Women’s Development Committee Elections

Transparency Maldives found in their observation of the Local Council and Women's Development Committee Elections on 10 April 2021 that the voting procedures were properly followed but COVID-19 risk mitigation strategies were not effectively enforced. TM trained and deployed 55 accredited observers who observed 34 polling stations in 29 islands across 19

COVID-19 and Elections: The Constitutional Crisis of the Delay in Local Council Elections in Maldives, Explained

ANFREL member in Maldives, the Transparency Maldives, explained the constitutional crisis brought about by the delay in the conduct of the Local Council Elections. The elections, which were supposed to take place on 4 April 2020, was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The delay, however, meant that the legal terms of

Transparency Maldives call on all parties to uphold the will of the people and facilitate a peaceful transfer of power

Transparency Maldives expresses concern regarding the motion to annul the outcome of the 2018 presidential election, submitted to the Supreme Court by the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives. Transparency Maldives conducted a nation-wide domestic election observation of the 2018 presidential election. As noted in our pre-election assessments, while the pre-election environment was

Maldives: Obstruction of observers and media latest sign of polling misconduct

Bangkok/Colombo, 22 September 2018 The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) denounces recent developments in the island nation of Maldives, which ensure that the upcoming presidential election of September 23 cannot be considered free and fair. Among others, intimidation of local civil society organizations, media, and members of the opposition, the lack

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