Stop abuse of state resources, uphold election integrity – Transparency Maldives to State

Transparency Maldives calls on the State to stop the abuse of State resources and uphold the integrity of election and ensure a free and fair electoral process.

The abuse of State resources can be a corruptive force in the electoral process, as it introduces or exacerbates power inequalities and gives unfair advantage to incumbents. It also impedes on the electoral rights of voters to choose a representative free from undue influence.

Article 46 and 47 of the Political Parties Act include prohibits the use of government property for a particular party and the biased use of government assets, properties and resources in favour of a single political party.

We call on the State authorities including the Anti-Corruption Commission, Attorney General's Office, and Elections Commission to implement the electoral legal framework and hold to account abusers of State resources.

We reiterate our calls to the Government to stop the abuse of State resources and strengthen the Electoral Legal Framework to include prohibition of abuse of State resources and ensure its effective implementation prior to the 2023 Presidential Election.

First published on the website of Transparency Maldives on 8 January 2023.



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