Response on the inaccurate portrayal of ANFREL published by two Cambodian media portals

Bangkok, Thailand -- The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) wishes to correct and clarify the information included in articles published by Swiftnews Daily and Freshnews Asia regarding ANFREL activities as they relate to the July 28, 2018 Cambodian National Assembly Elections. The two media portals published information which inaccurately portrayed ANFREL activities, including allegations that ANFREL intends to influence the election and participate in the organization of a “Situation Room.”.

ANFREL is not aware of the existence of, or involved in any activities related to such “Situation Room.” ANFREL denies any involvement in plans to undermine the Cambodian Elections on behalf of itself, its Board, or any of its member organizations. Furthermore, none of ANFREL’s staff were interviewed by any media institution to verify the information represented in these articles. All of ANFREL’s media announcements are made through formal channels only.

ANFREL is most willing to accept invitations for interviews by Freshnews Asia, Swiftnews Daily, or other Cambodian news agencies to clarify any misunderstanding about ANFREL’s work in Cambodia, and to avoid publication of unverified news. ANFREL reaffirms this commitment to Cambodian democracy, as it has always been since its first engagement in 1997. ANFREL encourages all election stakeholders to move forward with an election that is free, fair, and transparent, to ensure the will of the Cambodian people are conveyed.

ANFREL is a Bangkok-based international election observation organization formed in 1997. It supports and promotes efforts to consolidate democracy in Asia through election observation and training of election observers. Over the past twenty years, ANFREL has monitored 57 elections in 15 different countries.

All Cambodian stakeholders may reach ANFREL through to get verified and truthful information.




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