Press statement on the opening of polls for the 2024 Parliamentary Election

Transparency Maldives is observing today’s Parliamentary Elections with an observer network around the country spanning Malé, the atolls, and prisons, as well as abroad in Colombo, Sri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We thank the nearly 270 observers and volunteers deployed across 205 ballots boxes across the country and abroad for their dedication in observing and assisting in the election observation processes.

In observing the 2024 Parliamentary Election, Transparency Maldives is assessing both the election-day proceedings and have monitored the larger electoral and political environment during the pre-election period. The results we report from our observation are generalisable to the entire country.

The following results are based on the observation at the time of opening of polls.

• The opening of the polls was smooth, and the administrative preparation went well. 89.3% of polling stations opened by 8.10am, and all polling stations opened before 9:00am.
• Nearly all polling station officials were in place at all polling stations.
• The materials required for voting were present and the ballot papers were counted at all the polling stations. 99% of ballot boxes were verified as empty at the opening of the polls.
• Candidate representatives and Party observers are well represented across all polling stations, with 1 or more observers present at 93.7% of the polling stations.
• Police presence was visible outside of 95% of the observed polling stations at the time of opening.
• Polling stations were set up to ensure a ballot secrecy in 96% of polling stations. Transparency Maldives observers will be closely monitoring the 4% of the polling station where the secrecy of the ballot may be compromised due to the layout of the polling station.

We encourage all parties to maintain the climate of peace. We encourage the public to go out and vote. Our observers are working hard at polling stations and will be present at the polling stations until the polls are closed and the results are announced.

Download the full statement here: "Press statement on the opening of polls for the 2024 Parliamentary Election" English | Dhivehi

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