Polling Stations Open on Time with COVID-19 Precautions and No Major Reported Incidents — PACE

ANFREL member in Myanmar, People's Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE), released the initial findings of their observation of the opening of polls in the 2020 Myanmar General Elections on 8 November 2020.

PACE said they received isolated reports of observers not allowed to enter polling stations initially but was later resolved except for two observers. They have requested the Union Election Commission (UEC) to ensure full access to observers.

PACE also urged UEC to ensure that polling station officials follow the UEC's guidelines and procedures for the remainder of the process, including voting and counting. Some highlights of their observation of the opening of polls:

-Form 13 (advance voting) was posted outside in 77% of polling stations visited
-Almost all polling stations (94%) posted COVID-19 prevention guidelines
-In almost all polling station (93%), the advance ballot boxes were delivered before the station opened as required by election regulations
-At time of opening, almost all polling stations (99%) had all the necessary materials. Some materials, including ballot boxes and ballots, were missing at less than 1% of polling stations.

PACE deployed 1,888 short-term observers to polling stations in all 14 states/regions to observe election day process

Sai Ye Kyaw Swar Myint of PACE said "we would like to highlight the efforts of polling station officials and sub-commissions to open polling stations on time and to implement COVID-19 prevention measures."

Download the press summary here: EN | MM

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