Odhikar’s Bangladesh Human Rights Monitoring Report for August 2018

Full Report: Odhikar August 2018 Human Rights Report

The human rights situation of August 2018 has been reviewed in this report. The Awami League government, after reassuming power for a second term, through the 2014 controversial Parliamentary election, has created a state of fear in the country by suppressing people and violating civil and political rights through repressive laws, policies and practices. The incumbent government has systematically politicized various important government and independent institutions and made them subservient to the government and the ruling party since 2009. Rights to freedom of expression and freedom assembly and association have been violated due to an absence of democracy and accountable government. During this period, students of different schools and colleges, who were in demonstrations demanding road safety, became victims of suppression by police. Criminals wearing helmets were also seen attacking the protesting students with the police or while the latter stood by. There were allegations that they were activists of the ruling party affiliated organisation, Chhatra League and Jubo League, but the government has denied such allegations.


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