Odhikar Releases 2020 Bangladesh Human Rights Report

Human rights group Odhikar released their 2020 report on the human rights violations including the state of the electoral system in Bangladesh.

Odhikar said in the report that "the Awami League government and the Election Commission have completely destroyed the electoral system depriving the people of their right to vote in all elections held during their tenure, including the 10th Parliamentary elections on 5 January 2014 and the 11th Parliamentary elections on 30 December 2018."

Several irregularities have been observed in the conduct of by-elections in 2020. The report also noted that "apart from destroying the electoral system, there are also allegations of massive financial irregularities, corruption and misconduct against the current Election Commission."

Bangladesh was also badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which ushered in widespread human rights violations with the failure of the government to take appropriate actions, increase in labor rights violations, violence against women, and corruption, among others.

Below are the details of the human rights violations Odhikar recorded in 2020:

Download and read the full report here: "Odhikar Annual Human Rights Report 2020 - Bangladesh"


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