Myanmar Situation Update (22- 28 November 2021)

Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, former Mandalay Chief Minister and vice chairman of the NLD were charged with two additional counts under Section 171(f) and Section 130(a) of the Penal Code, alleging abuse of power to influence the vote in the 2020 general elections. He is also barred from taking the stand as a defence witness for Myanmar’s ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi for health reasons. The appeal of Rakhine State chief minister Nyi Pu to overturn his sentence for an incitement conviction was rejected.

The junta-appointed Union Election Commission (UEC) said that the investigation of the NLD party over abiding political party registration law has not concluded and no decision has been reached to abolish the NLD.

Junta newspapers stated that 328 junta-appointed administrators, mostly from Mandalay, Sagaing and Yangon Regions, had been attacked since the February coup. 193 of them were killed in attacks involving firearms, bombs, stabbings and beatings, while 135 were wounded. A total of 397 roads & bridges, 444 schools and 25 hospitals & clinics, were damaged by mine and arson attacks between February 1 and November.

The COVID-19 Task Force (CTF), a joint team of the National Unity Government's Ministry of Health and ethnic health organizations, said that they will implement its plans to vaccinate people in all ethnic regions and states immediately. According to an official report from the junta’s Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS), it has claimed that more than 11 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Myanmar.

More than 250 rights groups and charities urged the international police agency Interpol to bar the junta’s representative from its General Assembly.

The Myanmar junta was not invited to the two-day virtual Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) involving leaders of Asia and Europe hosted by Cambodia. According to ASEAN sources the junta was told it could only send a “nonpolitical representative” and the junta informed Cambodia it would not participate in the summit. The junta regime was sidelined at the ASEAN-China special summit early this week and the Junta regime has been sidelined by ASEAN for its failure to deliver commitments that Senior General Aung Min Hliang made during the ASEAN summit in April.

The United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, and Great Britain, have called on the international community to suspend all operational support to the Myanmar military, and to cease the transfer of arms and any technical assistance. The junta made strong objections to the joint statement.

Argentina’s judiciary has accepted to open a genocide case brought by the Rohingya group and six female survivors of the military’s 2017 crackdown in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where military forces killed thousands, committed rapes and drove about 750,000 members of the long-persecuted minority into Bangladesh.

Protests continued in different parts of Myanmar despite the crackdown by the junta over the week. The clashes between the junta forces and the civil resistance fighters or Ethnic Armed Organizations also emerged in all states and regions except Rakhine State.  

According to the information compiled by ANFREL, at least 48 bomb blasts happened across Myanmar in the past week. It was reported that at least 25 people were injured and 4 died.
As of 27 November, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) recorded that 1,295 people have been killed by the junta. 7,595 people are currently under detention and 341 are sentenced. 65 have been sentenced to death and 1,954 are evading arrest warrants.

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