Myanmar Situation Update (1-7 March 2021)

The people of Myanmar continue the civil disobedience movement, which include street protests, civil service strikes, the boycott of military-linked business, and the social punishment campaign which netizens name and shame police, military personnel and their family members on social media and business owners refused to provide service to them.

Myanmar saw its deadliest week since the coup with at least 38 people, including four children, killed by security forces on 3 March. Altogether, at least 56 people have been killed and a total of 1,790 people have been arrested, charged or sentenced in relation to the attempted military coup,  according to the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. 318 were released and a total of 1,472 are still under detention or have outstanding charges/evading arrest.

Below are the timeline of events:


Download: ANFREL Myanmar Situation Update (1-7 March 2021)


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