Marawi City plebiscites in PH peaceful, NAMFREL says

The National Citizens' Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL) observed the plebiscites in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur in the Philippines on 18 March 2023.

The plebiscites were conducted to ratify the creation of Barangays Boronga II and Datu Dalidigan in Marawi City. NAMFREL said the polling process was peaceful and the counting process went on without any incidents.

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) accredited NAMFREL as a citizens' arm for the plebiscites. They deployed teams of volunteers who observed the opening procedures, closing and counting processes.

NAMFREL said there was high voter turnout attributed to the people's eagerness to vote. There was also a high voter turnout among the youth. Free transportation was provided by the local government to voters who want to participate in the electoral process.

COVID-19 related protocols, however, were not strictly enforced and followed especially physical distancing and wearing of face masks. The plebiscite committee tried to limit the number of voters inside the polling places to 10 at a given time.

There were no express lanes for senior citizens, PWDs and pregnant but they were prioritized. There was also no emergency accessible polling places and no isolation polling places but medical teams were present.

The counting process went without any incidents and the plebiscite committees appeared knowledgeable of the process.

News reports indicated that the voter turnout was 99.16% in Sagonsongan with 473 voters backing the creation of Brgy. Datu Dalidigan, three opposed. In Boganga, the voter turnout was 96.77% with 948 voters backing the creation of Brgy. Boganga II, two opposed.

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