LENTE welcomes SC decision declaring unconstitutional the law postponing 2022 barangay, SK polls

Since May 2022, LENTE pushed for the conduct of the supposed December 2022 Barangay and SK Election (BSKE) and continuously stood firm against its postponement. LENTE welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court declaring Republic Act No. 11935* unconstitutional as well as the guidelines set by the court on future postponement of elections as to prevent the patronage aspect of election postponement, especially in the Barangay and SK elections.

In its press release, the Supreme Court declared the importance of free and meaningful exercise of our right to vote, as protected and guaranteed by the Constitution, and that the same requires the conduct of genuine periodic elections which must be held at intervals which are not unduly long, ensuring that the authority of government continues to be based on the free expression of the will of electors.

LENTE believes that the BSKE is the most attainable level of citizen participation in governance and nation-building. Barangay officials are the closest government officials that Filipinos interact with in their daily lives. Hence, the conduct of the Barangay and SK Elections this October 2023 would finally allow the people to choose their leaders and assess their performance in the past years.

LENTE is committed in monitoring the BSKE in ensuring a Safe, Accountable, Transparent and Inclusive elections which will inspire National Public Confidence.

*Act Postponing the December 2022 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan Elections


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