Indonesia’s PERLUDEM introduces Open Web Approach to Innovative Voter Engagement

The election process in Indonesia has gone through significant changes and developments  in  2014. The legislative and presidential elections were considered as the most competitive elections in Indonesia's history. The 2014 elections also introduced innovations to make the electoral process closer to the people.

One of the successful innovations is the introduction of API Pemilu (Application Programming Interface). It promotes the use of technology in voter information. PERLUDEM (Association for Election and Democracy), one of ANFREL's members in Indonesia, created the first-ever Indonesia election database using API. API is a responsive, scalable online database of elections data, making it possible to develop applications that can deliver important election information the millions of Indonesians via mobile or web services. The database contains extensive collection of election-related information like candidate backgrounds, political party details, aggregated news and social media feeds, election maps, and schedule political events.

For more information about API Pemilu, you may visit or see the document below:

Download PDF: API Pemilu




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