Independent election observation group to observe HK district council polls

A newly formed election observation group is planning to observe Hong Kong's District Council elections, this Sunday, 24 November 2019, amid rising tension and political unrest in the city-state.

The Election Observation Project said they are planning to observe election day in 65 constituencies in Hong Kong. The groups was formed ahead of the District Council elections by the Civil Rights Observer and Hong Kong Baptist University's Comparative Governance and Policy Research Centre, out of the need for a new independent watchdog amid the "public's general distrust of the government.

The group will be receiving text description and self-recorded multimedia materials on issues of electoral integrity throguh Telegram (@hotline19hkeop) and WhatsApp (+85297424472).

For more information and other inquiries Prof. Kenneth Ka-lok Chan and Mr. Eric Yan-ho Lai can be reached through the contact details provided in the attached PDF file.

Eng_Election Observation Project- On-site observation on the Polling Day

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