IEC Calls the Elections a Success

IEC announced on Saturday evening that the Afghan parliamentary elections ended successfully despite fears of fraud and Taliban attacks

Although there were some who attempted to commit fraud, but it wasn't possible because the IEC was closely monitoring everything, head of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), Fazal Ahmad Manawi, told reporters at a conference.

"There may have been some people trying to commit fraud, but I believe that with the strict measures we have taken, we will be able to track violators and reveal their names," Manawi said.

Head of the IEC said 92 percent of all polling centres were open throughout the country during the elections.

The parliamentary elections started on Saturday morning with the first vote cast by the head of the IEC.

Residents, especially women in the Afghan capital Kabul widely participated in the voting.

In the first hours of the elections, some voters were complaining that the finger ink wasn't indelible, but IEC denied any big challenge during the elections.

"This is Afghanistan where we have held elections ...beside all doubts, we proved that election is feasible and we could open polls in this kind of situation," said head of the IEC.

Chief of the IEC praised efforts by the Afghan security forces ensuring security for the voters and polling stations.

A well-known Afghan singer, Farhad Darya told TOLOnews reporter, "To be able to challenge officials, citizens should firstly take part in the elections or any other national event."

Tally of the votes is to start during the night and primary results are expected to be declared in twenty days.


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