2015 Asian Electoral Stakeholder Forum Draws Much Needed Attention to Electoral Challenges in Asia

DILI, March 19, 2015 The 2015 Asian Electoral Stakeholder Forum came to a successful close on March 19th after two days of substantive discussions and information sharing among representatives of Election Management Bodies(EMBs) and Civil Society Organizations(CSOs). Coming two years after the inaugural meeting of the AES Forum, this year’s co-hosts, the National Election Commission of Timor-Leste(CNE) and the Asian Network for Free Elections(ANFREL), appreciated the sustained dedication and enthusiasm of all participants. During the Forum’s two days, participants reaffirmed their shared commitment to improve the quality of elections in the region, most visibly through the release of the Dili Indicators for Democratic Elections. The Dili Indicators are a practical distillation of the Bangkok Declaration for Free and Fair Elections, the set of principles endorsed at the 2012 meeting of the AES Forum. The Indicators provide a practical starting point to assess the quality and integrity of elections across the region.

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