Final Election Results and the Path After It

Statement of the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) on the final result of the 2019 Afghan Presidential Election

Finally, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) could announce final results of the 2019 Afghan presidential elections with 5 months delay. It was expected that all electoral tickets accept the final election results but as seen despite several months of delay after the polling day the IEC was unable to build the trust of all electoral tickets on its performance.

However, FEFA had always expressed its concern over the consecutive violation of the electoral timeline and delay in processing and completion of the electoral stages after the polling day but at the same time FEFA considered it as an opportunity for both commissions to do more joint works to ensure transparency, increase the credibility of elections and building trusts of all election stakeholders and electoral tickets, especially, in accepting final results. Unfortunately, as seen the performance of electoral commissions not only led to prolongation of the election process but also didn’t build the trust of all electoral tickets to accept the final results.

FEFA as an active election relevant organization had always called on both electoral commissions to work together to build trusts on the process and their performance to raise acceptance level of election results. The confrontation between commissions and the way of their performance after handling of the complaints on preliminary results led to more sensitivities on political aspects of the case and created doubts about the outcome of commission’s performance.

Despite the fact that the chapter of 2019 presidential election closes after the announcement of final results but different reaction of electoral tickets and fears from political confrontation has worried people of Afghanistan. FEFA believes that the current status quo requires intervention of elites and trusted national and international characters to pave the ground for dialogue and understanding between leaders and political groups to prevent a political crisis in the country.

The people of Afghanistan need peace and stability and it is the duty of political leaders of Afghanistan to provide it for them.

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FEFA_Press Release 19 February 2020

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