FEFA Statement : Polling October 20 , 2018

Kabul, Afghanistan

First of all, we thank the Afghan citizens, observers, and the media for their greater role in the process. The widespread public participation of committed Afghan citizens’ is highly appreciated. Despite serious security threats and management shortcomings, the Afghans went to the polls to cast their votes in favor of democracy and a legal government. The meaningful public participation in the elections was a sign of political growth and development in the country and herald a better future for Afghanistan. Survival of democracy depends on widespread public participation in the democratic process and decision makings.

We hearty thank the brave and devoted Afghan security forces for the efforts they made to provide security of elections. For the first time, the Afghan security forces managed to provide security of elections without the cooperation of foreign forces. However, the terrorists put all efforts to destabilize the process but fortunately the Afghan security forces didn’t allow them to achieve their ominous goal. The ability and commitment of the Afghan security forces enhanced public trust.

We pray for the martyrs and hope the injured get well soon. We appreciate and thank the FEFA volunteer observers and all its staffs, civil institutions, political parties, and the ones who took step to enhance transparency and legitimacy of elections. Despite all the difficulties and limitations, they monitored the voting process and accurately recorded and reported the shortcomings, violations, and electoral crimes. The role of the people, security forces and civil society institutions is very important in such process. We hope to institutionalize the culture of political participation in the country.

The second word is with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC). Unfortunately, the IEC was unable to meet the expectations of the people and election observation organizations. Minor shortcomings and problems are natural parts of the process but the extent and volume of yesterday's shortcomings and failures and final extension of the polling process for one day was unimaginable and unexpected.

The IEC experienced the bitter taste of failure in terms of management and technicality and imposed it on the people as well. The monitoring findings of FEFA’s observers, election watchdog organizations, media and the people suggest mismanage and technical/operational failure. However, the IEC had promised to take conduct a better election but FEFA repeatedly warned of poor planning of IEC for conducting the elections. Unfortunately, the Election Day’s turmoil has cast a shadow over the passionate epic of people and the great devotion of the security forces of the country.

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