New Executive Director of ANFREL 2012






ANFREL transferred the Executive Director Position (ED) from Somsri Hananuntasuk to Ichal Supriadi on 30 August 2012 through a simple ceremony held at ANFREL’s office that was led by Sakool Zuesongdham acting on behalf of the Chair and Board members. Ichal would like to offer his thanks to the Board of Directors, members and all ANFREL friends for the welcoming and congratulatory messages he’s received. A special thank you is owed to Somsri, ANFREL’s now former ED, for her years of working together, sharing experiences, and sacrificing in order to build ANFREL up.

“It is my honor to serve ANFREL as ED and I look forward to future cooperation and collaboration among members and networks to further the cause of democracy in our region.”

Ichal Supriadi
Executive Director of ANFREL
31 August 2012



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