Democracy, Elections, and Reform in Cambodia


Democracy, Elections, and Reform in Cambodia Cover Page

The Cambodian Committee for Free and Fair Elections (COMFREL) has since 2009 extended its obser- vations and analysis of the electoral process to the overall democratization process in Cambodia. The analytical reports on the state of democracy titled ‘Democracy, Election and Reform’ are annually pub- lished and disseminated to all interested stakeholders. COMFREL supports the Royal Government of Cambodia in its objective to consolidate a liberal democracy based on Cambodia’s Constitution of 1993 and the related International Covenant on Civic and Political Rights, incorporated into the constitution and ratified by the Royal Government of Cambodia. The reports have the purpose to generate empirical data on the democratization process and to provide comprehensive analysis and advocacy for interna- tional and national stakeholders dedicated to Cambodia’s democratization process. The reports raises following central question guiding the annual analysis and assessment of Cambodia’s democratization process: Does Cambodia’s political system progress toward an established democracy or is stagna- tion or even a regression observable implying the democratization process has ended?

Democracy, Elections, and Reform in Cambodia
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