COVID-19 and Elections: ANFREL, Sri Lanka election orgs release code of conduct for election observers

ANFREL and six domestic election observation groups, including our members PAFFREL and CMEV, release today the “COVID-19 Code of Conduct for Election Observers” ahead of the 2020 Sri Lankan parliamentary elections.

This document is a joint initiative from organizations both domestic and international intending to observe the parliamentary elections of Sri Lanka. The polls were initially scheduled for 25 April 2020 but have been postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting the country. While the date at which the elections could be held remains uncertain, pending a ruling from the Supreme Court on the matter, election monitoring organizations have decided to plan ahead and draft guidelines so that election observation may take place in the most responsible manner.

The COVID-19 Code of Conduct for Election Observers will assist endorsing organizations in making appropriate preparations for the deployment of their staff and volunteers, and will be shared with the Election Commission of Sri Lanka and other stakeholders to foster collaboration and ensure a safe and vibrant voting environment. The Code of Conduct is released along with a pledge template that organizations can use to ensure the compliance of their staff members and volunteers.

COVID-19 Observer COC-02


COVID-19 Observer COC-02-Sinhala


COVID-19 Observer COC-02-Tamil

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