Church-based group says 2022 Timor-Leste Presidential Election ‘free, transparent, fair and reliable’

The 2022 Timor-Leste Presidential Election was "free, transparent, fair and reliable observing international standards of election", said the Observatory of the Church for Social Affairs (OIPAS) in final report of their election observation effort.

OIPAS, under the National Commission of Justice, Peace, and Integrity Criation (JPIC-TL), observed the presidential election (19 March 2022) and the runoff election (19 April 2022) deploying 25 long-term observers and 375 short-term observers across the country.

JPIC-OIPAS said the Technical Secretariate for Electoral Adminstration (STEA) and the National Electoral Commission (CNE) undertook their administrative roles in managing the electoral process well. They said the electoral brigade and the polling staff were professional despite some breach of existing regulations by the political adversaries.

As the election was held amid a COVID-19 pandemic, voting centers and polling station were added to observance of health protocol for social distancing and avoid community infection.

The campaign environment was generally peaceful with no serious election-related violence recorded. The supporters kept peace and tranquility demonstrating political maturity although there were few minor incidents caused during the campaign.

The media crew made a professional and comprehensive news coverage while some improvements are necessary in the future.

OIPAS has been monitoring elections in Timor-Leste since 2009. Read the final report of their observation here: "Final Report: Presidential Election, 2022"



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