BERSIH Welcomes the Government’s Move to Accord More Autonomy to Parliament, and Urges the Parliamentary Services Act be Tabled Before the End of 2024

The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH) welcomes Law Minister YB Dato' Sri Azalina Othman Said's statement that the government has agreed in principle to amend the Federal Constitution and re-enact the Parliamentary Services Act (PSA) to grant administrative and financial autonomy to Parliament. PSA is required for the Parliament to be fully independent, administratively and financially, and to function as a check and balance body in accordance with the doctrine of separation of powers between the Executive, Legislative, and Judiciary.

The Parliamentary Services Act is one of the demands in our Reformasi 100% memorandum that was presented by BERSIH to Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in a meeting last month.

Although the minister announced that the effort is almost "90% completed," BERSIH urges that the timeline for the tabling of this bill be set before the end of 2024 so that all outstanding matters can be finalized before the announced date.

Aside from engagement with the Speaker of the Dewan Negara and the Dewan Rakyat, BHEUU, the Ministry of Finance (MOF), and the Public Service Department (JPA), we also request that the draft bill be reviewed by the Parliamentary Special Select Committee on Human Rights, Elections, and Institutional Reform to obtain bipartisan feedback, as well as an engagement session with civil society organisations so that we are aware of the provisions contained in the most recent draft bill to re-enact PSA.

Through BERSIH's consultation with various members of Parliament from both the Government and Opposition, we are confident that a transparent tabling of this bill will increase Parliament's autonomy and garner bipartisan support from Members of Parliament from all political parties.

BERSIH hopes that the government can immediately realize this aspiration by tabling the Parliamentary Services Bill before the end of 2024.

Released by:
The Steering Committee of BERSIH


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