ANFREL’s AERC Launches Book on “Electoral Challenges in Asia Today”

ANFREL through its Asian Electoral Resource Center (AERC) introduces its latest publication “Electoral Challenges in Asia Today." The book is a compilation of researches conducted by electoral experts from across 13 countries in Asia. It presents what are deemed to be the most pressing challenges to advancing electoral democracy in Asia over the last decade. It takes into account the unique political context of each of the 13 countries included in this analysis.

Despite the diversity in the region, the peoples and countries of Asia still have much in common both culturally and politically, and the chapters that follow demonstrate that they also face many of the same or similar challenges to holding free and fair elections. The aim of this compilation is to properly identify the challenges that hinder democratic progress in an effort to assist stakeholders and reform advocates, both at the national and international levels, to properly address them and take stock of the lessons learned from experiences across the region.

We invite stakeholders to take a look and read this book. ANFREL intends to update this research, at least every five years. Other research topics to complement the research on electoral challenges are also being considered to be undertaken in the future to help address the challenges identified in the book and most importantly to achieve genuine electoral reforms towards meaningful democracy in the region.

Download an e-copy of the book from this link: Electoral Challenges in Asia Today







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