ANFREL Webinar: What’s happening in Myanmar since the military coup?

The Myanmar military staged a coup on 1 February 2021 grabbing power from the civilian government which undermined a democratic process that happened just months prior.

The people of Myanmar strongly opposed the coup and have since been going out in the streets to peacefully protest and demand the restoration of democracy in the country. The protest actions were met with violence leading to arrests and the loss of lives.

Several weeks since the dawning of what could be considered a new dark age in Myanmar, what are key events that have transpired and what are the efforts employed to push back? The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) is hosting a webinar to shed light on the plight of the people of Myanmar in their struggle for sustainable democracy and freedom.

Titled "What is happening in Myanmar since the coup?", the webinar is on 24 March 2021 at 5 p.m. (Bangkok time) via online meeting platform Zoom. To join, register here: This webinar will also be streamed live on ANFREL's Facebook page.

ANFREL invited Human Rights Watch Asia division Deputy Director Phil Robertson, Progressive Voice Founder and Chair Khin Ohmar, and ANFREL Executive Council Ex-officio Member Damaso Magbual.


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