ANFREL Prepares to Observe Myanmar’s Historic General Elections

In the run-up to ANFREL's planned observation of the November 08, 2015 Elections in Myanmar, ANFREL in August signed an MoU with the Union Election Commission of Myanmar(UEC) and conducted a Preparatory Mission to the country during the first two weeks of September. As this is Myanmar's first election in decades which will have all major parties competing, ANFREL believes that a free and fair Election is a particularly important next step in the country's continued transition. ANFREL will be observing the Election to assess its credibility and will do everything it can to support the true integrity  of Elections there.

ANFREL Vice-Chair Koul Panha shakes hands with UEC Chairman Tin Aye at MoU signing ceremony
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UEC Commissioners Sign the Memorandum of Understanding with ANFREL Vice-Chair Koul Panha












The Memorandum of Understanding broadly lays out the terms of cooperation between the UEC and ANFREL and opens the opportunity for ANFREL to get accreditation to observe the General Elections.

Assessment Mission

From the 1st to the 13th of September, ANFREL conducted an assessment mission to prepare for the Election Observation Mission. ANFREL will have 20 Long Term Observers (LTOs)  arrive in early October so the assessment mission was designed to meet with relevant Electoral stakeholders to deepen ANFREL's understanding of the electoral situation before our Observers arrive. By doing so, ANFREL will have a more accurate picture of the Pre-Election Period and will be better able to develop an effective briefing for the Observers.




ANFREL Chairman and Officers Meet with UEC Commissioners in Naypyidaw
ANFREL Chairman and Officers Meet with UEC Commissioners in Naypyidaw


ANFREL Representatives at the Union Election Commission in Naypyidaw to meet with UEC Commissioners
ANFREL Chairman Damaso Magbual & Coordinator Ryan Whelan Meet with Yangon Region Election Commissioners in Yangon, Myanmar

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