ANFREL participates in GNSEI meeting

The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) met with high-level electoral experts during the Global Network for Securing Electoral Integrity (GNSEI) meeting in Stockholm, Sweden from 6-8 March 2024.

GNSEI is a network of more than 30 leading election-related organizations and networks around the globe that aims to strengthen electoral integrity norms framework and provide a standing platform to defend and promote electoral integrity. ANFREL is a member of the GNSEI Steering Committee.

A set of workshops took place at International IDEA’s headquarters covering the global norms documents that GNSEI is developing: (1) protecting EMB independence; and (2) promoting genuine and inclusive electoral reform processes. 

Photo by International IDEA

ANFREL executive director Chandanie Watawala was a panelist in a public event hosted by International IDEA on 7 March 2024 about the "implications of the 2024 super electoral cycle year for democracy globally and across different regions of the world."

The meeting also included discussions on the operational plan for the normative documents post-completion, updates on the work plan's status, and a long-term external strategy. The closed Steering Committee session on March 8, 2024, delved into these aspects to ensure effective coordination and strategic planning.

GNSEI, launched in 2023, "brings together leading international electoral integrity actors to establish a broad-based platform to develop, advance, and promote adherence to norms, guiding principles, and codes of conduct that address emerging and long-term threats to electoral integrity." (Know more about GNSEI here:


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