ANFREL launches election monitoring handbook for Thai CSOs

The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) launched its first election monitoring handbook for civil society organizations in Thailand.

Tailor-fitted to address the needs of emerging domestic election watchdog organizations in the country, the Election Monitoring Handbook for CSOs in Thailand aims to help election monitors in pursuing significant initiatives on their own and act as watchdogs of the entire electoral process as Thai voters are set to elect tens of thousands of local councilor and administrator positions across the country in 2020.

ANFREL held several consultation meetings with representatives of various CSOs, media, and academic institutions to identify specific needs of election monitors in Thailand. The inputs were incorporated in the handbook.

ANFREL, in its 22 years of election engagement across Asia, first introduced its election monitoring handbook in Myanmar in 2014 (updated in 2019) to support domestic election monitoring in the country for the first open elections in more than two decades.

The handbook is available in both Thai and English which can be downloaded here:

Election Monitoring Handbook for CSOs in Thailand (TH)

Election Monitoring Handbook for CSOs in Thailand (EN)




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