ANFREL e-Bulletin (January-March 2024)

The release of ANFREL's interim statement on its international expert election observation mission to the 2024 Indonesian General Election and launch of its new publication on electoral reforms were some of the highlights of the first quarter of 2024 for ANFREL.

Election Observation

ANFREL congratulated the people of Indonesia for their unwavering commitment to democracy but expressed concerns over the quality of various aspects of the overall electoral process.

ANFREL deployed teams of electoral analysts, short-term observers, and the mission management to observe various aspects of the elections. ANFREL is set to release the final comprehensive mission report in April 2024.

Selected fellows from the 1st Asian Academy for Election Integrity were deployed as part of the program. The fellows were immersed in the field, interviewing electoral stakeholders and observing the electoral processes in Indonesia.

On 26 March 2024, meanwhile, ANFREL met with the Election Commission of Sri Lanka to express intent to observe the anticipated 2024 Presidential Election. ANFREL also highlighted key electoral reforms needed for the upcoming election.

Research and Publication

ANFREL launched on 25 January 2024 its latest publication "Asian Electoral Review: Advancing Electoral Democracy through Electoral Reforms" identifying electoral issues and challenges in Asia.

The new publication delved into the themes of political systems, voter participation, electoral integrity, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities, and technically sound and politically feasible electoral reforms highlighting key electoral reform recommendations to address issues and challenges.

Campaigns and advocacy

ANFREL continued its advocacy engagement in Bangladesh ahead of the general election calling on democratic government and the wider international community to actively champion a democratic process that authentically reflects the will of the Bangladeshi people.

ANFREL also participated in meetings and conferences to engage with like-minded organizations in the region including in the GNSEI meeting and the 3rd Summit for Democracy in Seoul, South Korea.

Other updates

ANFREL launched in March 2024 a search for the next executive director of the organization who will provide strategic leadership and effective management to the ANFREL Secretariat and strategic direction to the implementation of ANFREL's programs. ANFREL accepted applications until 31 March 2024 and is currently in the process of reviewing applications.

To know more about ANFREL news and updates in the first quarter of 2024, visit ANFREL Newsletter e-Bulletin (January-March 2024).


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