ANFREL e-Bulletin (April-June 2024)

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ANFREL appointed a new executive director, ANFREL released the final election observation report on the 2024 Indonesian General Elections, and AAEI fellows conduct focused cascade sessions within their organizations and ANFREL were some of the highlights of the second quarter of 2024 for ANFREL.

ANFREL program manager Brizza Rosales has been appointed as the organizations new executive director after former ED Chandanie Watawala left in May 2024. Rosales bring with her a wealth of experience spanning 12 years in the field of elections.

Election Observation

ANFREL released in June 2024 the final comprehensive report on its international expert election observation mission to the 2024 Indonesian General Elections.

The report highlighted key electoral recommendations that ANFREL hopes Indonesia would consider as the country prepares for the local elections in November 2024. The recommendations include addressing loopholes in the legal system, abuse of state resources during elections, lack of transparency and inclusiveness of the election management body, and the pervasive impact of mis- and disinformation during elections.

Capacity Building

Asian Academy for Electoral Integrity (AAEI) fellows from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Nepal implemented focused cascade learning sessions within their organizations to share what they learned from the program.

The topics discussed were process and results verification for transparency (PRVT), open election data, the implementation of the Regulation of Election Expenditure Act in Sri Lanka, and the impact of disinformation in elections in Nepal.

ANFREL also welcomed a new batch of interns from the Global Service Internship Program (GSIP) during the period. Three young students from Taiwan are spending time at ANFREL to learn about election observation and electoral reform advocacy.

Campaigns & Advocacy

Rosales participated in the ninth implementation meeting of the Declaration of Global Principles for Nonpartisan Election Observation and Monitoring by Citizen Organizations in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-26 June 2024.

ANFREL, meanwhile, joined the Global Network of Domestic Observers (GNDEM) in welcoming the resolution of the Inter-Americal Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) which recognized election observers as human rights defenders (HRDs).

Other updates

In other news, ANFREL senior program officer John Reiner Antiquerra has been selected as one of the participants for the 8th Asia Young Leaders for Democracy (AYLD) program of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.

Antiquerra will join a group of passionate young leading democracy advocates and NGO activists in Taiwan to atten lectures, engage in discussion and visit sites significant to the development of democracy and human rights in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, ANFREL Executive Council member and Women for Social Progress Executive Director Elberel Davaa has been election as the new Membership Committee Chair of GNDEM.

To know more about ANFREL news and updates in the first quarter of 2024, visit ANFREL Newsletter e-Bulletin (April-June 2024).


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