ANFREL Deployment Press Statement 22 March 2017

YANGON, 22 March 2017   Tomorrow, the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) will deploy its election observers to the 19 constituencies in Myanmar which will hold by-elections on April 1st. As the only international election observation mission in the country, ANFREL is proud to again extend its long-time commitment to support election integrity in Myanmar.

ANFREL’s observation mission, led by Mr. Damaso Magbual, consists of twelve (12) international observers and two (2) election analysts representing various civil society organizations (CSOs) from all over Asia. They will engage with voters, election administrators, civil society, the media, and others to assess the development of the electoral process since 2015, and measure the degree to which past recommendations given by election observation groups have been implemented. ANFREL is also happy to welcome members of national election monitoring organizations that will join ANFREL’s observers for part of their time in the field in an effort to strengthen the capacity of domestic CSOs to monitor elections.

Read full statement: ANFREL Deployment Press Statement 22 March 2017


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