An Update from COMFREL

The Committee for Free and Fair Elections in Cambodia (COMFREL) serves to promote democracy and citizen participation in the spirit of building capacity for nationwide networking and cooperation with its member organizations and partners. Free and fair elections are entirely necessary for the progress of democratic development in the country. Therefore, COMFREL is dedicated to enhancing free and fair election preparation at all phases towards democratic and genuine elections within the country.


A democratic Society that democratization in particular democratic elections are promoted and qualified to bring benefit to people.

Radio Broadcasting “Civil Society Voice” and Website

As one of the most important methods of disseminating information and encouraging citizen participation in public affairs, COMFREL conducts regular –one hour- radio shows with guest speakers mostly are leaders of civil society and relevant institutions. Listeners are encouraged to call in to express their viewpoints or to ask questions to the guest speakers. The shows not only available on traditional radio broadcast but also online store on video Ustream channel or audio recorded will be upload on COMFREL’s website. This online initiative attracts hundred online-visitors.

[Pic-COM-001: Civil Society organization leaders and independent experts are invited to COMFREL radio program named Voice of Civil Society to discuss, share and raise their perspectives/concerns over hot issues related to democracy and human right.]

Parliamentary Watch: Performance of Elected Officials and the National Assembly

Other exposed activity of COMFREL is Parliamentary Watch. The program is aims to increase transparency in performance of elected officials and fulfillment of elected platform in order to increase their accountability. This brings COMFREL observers attended the National Assembly sessions to observe the function of the Assembly and the matters that were discussed. COMFREL staff observed any sessions of the NA. Outside of the session, COMFREL observers also communicated with NA commissions, the NA general secretariat, political parties and MPs about the process of the meetings, discussion of draft laws, the activities of MPs and other information relevant to the NA. Additionally, the observers recorded data on MP’s expression of views into COMFREL’s database system. These data will analyze and compile into reports, which technically evaluated the MP opinions as positive, negative or neutral tone. COMFREL also observed MP activities/missions to constituencies throughout the capital and 23 provinces by deploying observers to observe the activities of each MP in each constituency. Observers are assigned to communicate with and contact the branch offices of political parties and MPs’ offices in constituencies or directly contact with MPs. The reports will be publish and distribute to media, legislators and local residents.

[Pic-COM-002: Activities of a Monitoring Assistant in collecting NA information for her quarterly progress Parliamentary Watch reports]

Building Democracy in Cambodia the Cross Media Way

In the end of 2011, COMFREL in cooperation with Butterfly Works designed a new website: This website is a place to collect and spread out information related to election irregularities and voter education. Moreover, voters can check the website and produce their own report on the election issues if they witness any election irregularities or intimidation. COMFREL used two telephone number lines: 010/015 802 777 in order to provide information related to Election, especially on voter education. The project named as “Building Democracy in Cambodia: The Cross Media Way” aiming to increase democracy and good governance in Cambodia through the usage of social media and mobile phone technologies for the period 2011 to 2013.

[Pic-COM-003: Executive Director of COMFREL given interview to local media on launching social media website, Cambodian voter voice]

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