Afghanistan: Announcement of Final Presidential Election Results, Sets Date For Run‐Off


Kabul, Afghanistan 15 May 2014 - Following the announcement of preliminary Presidential Election results and subsequent investigations, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) has certified the final results of 2014 Presidential Election, conducted on 5 April 2014.

In accord with the Afghan Law on the Structure, Duties and Authorities of the IEC and the IECC, final election results, based on decisions of the (IECC), Certification and announcement by the IEC cannot be amended (Article 14). The number and proportion of votes received by each Presidential candidate is as follows:

    • Dr. Abdullah Abdullah ‐ 2,972,141 (45.0%)
    • Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi ‐ 2,084,547 (31.6%)
    • Dr. Zalmay Rasool ‐ 750,997 (11.4%)
    • Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf ‐ 465,207 (7.0%)
    • Eng Qutbuddin Hilal ‐ 181,827 (2.8%)
    • M. Shafiq Gul Agha Shirzi ‐ 103,636 (1.6%)
    • M. Daud Sultanzoy ‐ 30,685 (0.5%)
    • Hidayat Amin Arsala ‐ 15,506 (0.2%)

IECC decisions

These figures reflect the decisions of the IECC on electoral challenges, as presented to the IEC on the afternoon of 14 May. Based on IECC decisions, results from 131 polling stations have been invalidated and removed from the final tabulation.

To view comprehensive final Presidential Election results, detailing the number of valid and invalid votes cast in favor of each candidate, according to polling center and station Please refer to IEC website result page.

Run‐off election

In accord with Afghan Electoral Law, in order to be elected President, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes. In the case that neither candidate receives more than half of the valid ballots cast, a “run‐off” (second) election will be held, in which only the two leading candidates compete. The candidate who wins the most votes in the run‐off election will be declared President (Article 20).

In fulfilment of its legal obligation, the IEC will conduct a run‐off election on 14 June, with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi as sole contenders.

To access the 2014 Presidential Run‐Off Election Timeline and 2014 Presidential election final result please refer to IEC website:



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