AAEI fellows conduct training on disinformation during elections in Nepal

Fellows of the Asian Academy for Electoral Integrity (AAEI) co-facilitated a training on disinformation during elections in Nepal, 27 June 2024, Kathmandu.

AAEI fellows Sanat Parajuli and Pratigya Bashyal co-facilitated the training for their colleagues at the National Election Observation Committee (NEOC).

Sanat and Pratigya provided a background on the impact of disinformation in elections and examined the policies related to curtailing information disorder in Nepal. The AAEI fellows also demonstrated in a workshop the fact-checking process, presenting tools and techniques.

National Democratic Institute (NDI) Program Director for Elections Kay Spencer, who joined online, presented global best practices for promoting electoral integrity and combating disinformation. She highlighted the need for social media monitoring to combat disinformation.

Spencer shared steps on how civil society organizations (CSOs) can conduct social media monitoring and presented social media monitoring tools that CSOs can use in their program.

The training in Kathmandu builds on the inaugural AAEI where the fellows were given the opportunity to propose a focused cascade session within their organizations.

AAEI fellow Alexa Yadao of the Legal Network for Truthful Elections in the Philippines co-facilitated a session on process and results verification for transparency (PRVT) and open election data on 15 May 2024. While AAEI fellows Sakunthala Senarath of Transparency International Sri Lanka, Anuruddha Bandara of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence, and S. Sathyaraj of the People's Action for Free and Fair Elections in Sri Lanka co-facilitated a session on the implementation of the Regulation of Election Expenditure Act on 31 May 2024.

Through the generous support of NDI, AAEI advances election observation and monitoring and the further push for the enhancement of electoral democracy in Asia by cultivating the young and emerging election observers and democracy advocates.


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