5 Recommendations to Improve Campaign Finance Reporting in PH Media

The election campaign of national post candidates kick off today, 8 February 2022, in the Philippines. In an article by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) has reported, the candidates have already spent millions on political ads even before the official campaign period started.

It is necessary for the media to report on election-related finances of candidates and political parties not only to ensure and equal playing field among those contesting the elections but to monitor abuses and corruption that could possible occur in an event where resources overflow.

PCIJ has noted that the coverage of campaign finance and the wealth of public officials will take a village, from newsrooms re-assessing its election coverage, candidates and parties being more forthcoming with information, to Congress and the Commission on Elections instituting campaign-finance reforms and institutions of accountability taking part.

So how can the media better cover campaign finances? PCIJ outlined five recommendations in ANFREL's "Media Reporting of Elections in Asia: Issues, Challenges and Lessons". Here's the excerpt.

Read the chapter and the book in full here: "Media Reporting of Elections in Asia: Issues, Challenges and Lessons"


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