2024 Pakistani General Election: FAFEN analysis of voter turnout

ISLAMABAD, February 14, 2024: As many as 60.6 million voters exercised their right to vote in Pakistan’s 12th general elections (GE) on February 8, 2024. Nearly 5.8 million more people voted in GE-2024 as compared to 2018 when 54.8 million had cast their votes. Despite the increase in the absolute number of voters, the turnout dipped from 52.1 percent in 2018 to 47.6 percent in 2024, primarily due to an increase in the number of registered voters from 106 million in 2018 to 128.6 million in 2024 following a record addition of 22.6 million between the two elections. In addition, the harsh winter in parts of the country, fears of violence and terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan as well as an uncertainty about the conduct of elections may have also adversely affected the turnout.

This report by Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) is based on the analysis of Form 47 (Provisional Consolidated Statement of Results of the Count) of 264 National Assembly constituencies acquired from the official website of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The gender analysis of voter turnout, however, needs further refinement as Form 47 from 10 National Assembly constituencies and as many Provincial Assemblies constituencies did not include the gender disaggregation of votes polled.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT HERE: "FAFEN analysis of voter turnout"



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