2023 Parliamentary Openness and Monitoring Forum Joint Statement

March 15, 2023 - We, as representatives of parliamentary monitoring organizations participating in the Parliament Openness and Monitoring Forum held in Taiwan in March 2023, we deeply recognize the importance of parliamentary monitoring, especially as many countries are facing the threat of democratic regression. We believe that parliamentary monitoring organizations play a crucial role in safeguarding democratic institutions,as well as realizing further effective function of parliaments, Therefore, we call for:

Openness and transparency: We call for all legislative institutions to publicly disclose important documents such as transcripts, voting records, and legislative bills, and actively share their operations with citizens. In addition, we urge legislative institutions to regularly publish budgets and financial reports to enable citizens to further understand the operations of the legislature.

Participatory legislation: We demand that legislative institutions actively promote citizen participation and expression of public opinion, including holding public hearings, establishing channels for public opinion, and participatory budgeting. Additionally, we call for the establishment of a dialogue platform between legislative institutions and civil society organizations to better understand the needs and opinions of citizens on the legislative process.

Efficiency and accountability: We demand that legislative institutions focus on efficiency and accountability, including strengthening monitoring and evaluation of the legislative process, establishing independent monitoring mechanisms, and implementing anti-corruption and transparency measures. We call on legislative institutions to pay more attention and protection to the needs and rights of citizens, especially vulnerable groups.

Parliamentary monitoring organizations should strengthen cooperation globally and jointly promote the development of democracy and monitoring mechanisms. We will share best practices, and strengthen international exchanges and cooperation. We are committed to establishing a united network and platform for parliamentary monitoring organizations worldwide, and strengthening collaboration.

We also pay attention to emerging challenges facing democracy in different regions, including the rise of authoritarianism, disinformation, digital transformation, and geopolitical influence. We believe that only through the cooperation of parliamentary monitoring organizations can democracies be effectively safeguarded worldwide and sustainable development and a fair society be achieved. We are willing to work together with parliamentary monitoring organizations from all countries to jointly respond to the democratic crisis in Asia and the world.

Signed by:

Dr. Chien-Yuan Tseng, Chair, Citizen Congress Watch
Mr. Maria Baron, Global Executive Director, Directorio Legislativo
Khairil Yusof, Coordinator, Co-founder and Developer, Sinar Project
Lee Chung Lun, Program Officer, Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL)
Violeta Haxholli, Project Manager & Senior Researchers, Kosovo Democratic Institute
Albana Rexha, Senior Policy Analyst, Democracy Plus
Ahmad Hanafi, Director, Indonesian Parliamentary Center
Hara Eiji, Director, Perennial Opposition
Rohanna Hettiarachcie, Executive Director, People's Action for Free and Fair Elections
Mr. Sammy Obeng, Executive Director, Parliamentary Network Africa
Kiran Afraz, Senior Program Officer, Free and Fair Election Network


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