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The three sections of our work, Election Observation, Capacity Building and Campaign & Advocacy are different parts of ANFREL’s holistic approach to the promotion of democratic institutions. These divisions, while different, support one another.

Election Observation

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Capacity Building

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Campaigns & Advocacy

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ANFREL International Election Observation Mission to the 2020 Myanmar General Elections Interim Report

ANFREL wishes to congratulate the people of Myanmar, the Union Election Commission, and the hundreds of thousands of polling staff who made this electoral process a success despite difficult conditions. We further congratulate all election stakeholders, and in particular civil society organisations and the international community, for contributing to a vibrant election environment and conducting much-needed education, advocacy, and observation activities.

This interim report contains the IEOM’s preliminary assessment of all election-related activities up to Election Day (8 November 2020). ANFREL will issue a comprehensive Mission Report within two months after the elections, which will expand on the information contained in this interim report and include an assessment of the announcement of results, the post-election period, electoral dispute resolution, as well as a full set of recommendations to improve future electoral processes in Myanmar.



ANFREL Webinar Series: Improvements Needed to Strengthen Electoral Processes in Myanmar — Observer Groups

While the Election Day in Myanmar has been observed to be generally peaceful, a panel of local election observer groups agreed that certain measures need to be taken to improve the electoral process in the country.

STATEMENT: Respect, protect and fulfill right to peaceful protest in Thailand

We call on the Thai government to respect, protect and fulfill the right of demonstrators to peacefully protest, in line with Thailand’s international obligations under the ICCPR and customary international law.

ANFREL Webinar Series: Observation Findings on the 2020 Myanmar General Elections

The Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) is hosting a webinar on 1 December 2020, Tuesday at 4 p.m. (Yangon Time) about the findings of election observer groups in the recently concluded 2020 Myanmar General Elections.

Mission Reports: Get the Latest Information from the Field

We invite you to browse ANFREL's archive of international election mission reports. ANFREL's international election observation missions are guided by the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct of International Election Observers. You can find a complete list of our election observation reports by clicking the button below.




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