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The three sections of our work, Election Observation, Capacity Building and Campaign & Advocacy are different parts of ANFREL’s holistic approach to the promotion of democratic institutions. These divisions, while different, support one another.

Election Observation

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Capacity Building

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Campaigns & Advocacy

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AESF 5 Memorandum: The Way Forward for Elections Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

The fifth Asian Electoral Stakeholder Forum (AESF 5) participants developed a memorandum which provides insights on the way forward for elections beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic compounded the already existing unprecedented attacks to democracy and the continuous backsliding of fundamental freedoms worldwide, AESF 5 gathered a diversity of election stakeholders to identify challenges to advancing electoral democracy and provide recommendations and best practices to overcome those challenges.



ANFREL Statement: Thai local elections successful, but procedural changes would be welcome

ANFREL welcomes this long-overdue return to local democracy, congratulates the voters, the Election Commission of Thailand, TAOs and other contributors for successful and largely peaceful elections, and hopes that the last remaining local elections to be held under the current Thai legal framework, in Bangkok and Pattaya, will follow soon.

Myanmar Situation Update (22- 28 November 2021)

Summary Dr. Zaw Myint Maung, former Mandalay Chief Minister and vice chairman of the NLD were charged with two additional counts under Section 171(f) and Section 130(a) of the Penal Code, alleging abuse of power to influence the vote in the 2020 general elections. He is also barred from taking the stand as a defence […]

Myanmar Situation Update (15- 21 November 2021)

Here are the incidents and developments in Myanmar that the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL) monitored from 15-21 November 2021.

Mission Reports: Get the Latest Information from the Field

We invite you to browse ANFREL's archive of international election mission reports. ANFREL's international election observation missions are guided by the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation and Code of Conduct of International Election Observers. You can find a complete list of our election observation reports by clicking the button below.




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